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Originally commissioned by the live show One Night for One Drop, imagined by Cirque Du Soleil. Splash is meant to symbolize the universal mother, the giver of life: Water and its endless adaptability, as well as the inseparable bond between humanity and water. The merging of the body/ hair and element itself is meant to be symbolic of the union that must occur between the artists physical apparatus (Body,) their inner world (Mind & Soul) and the world we all live in (The Elemental World).

Original: Oil on Canvas 20" x 60" (Sold)

Model: Maria Sarach-Popazova


prints are only available as limited editions;
printed, backed and signed by the artist.

100 total before discontinuation
7 sold to date.

Hand Signed

Available on metal, glass or canvas, in any of the following sizes:


  24" x 24",  36" x 36"


 16" x 32", 24 x 48"


16" x 48", 20" x 60" 


18" x 24", 24" x 32"

(larger size requests available after review)

SM: $1000 + Shipping

LG: $1500 + Shipping


The Process

Once the painting is complete, a high resolution photo is then taken of the final piece.

Each print is laser printed onto the material of choice and either hand stretched or assembled by the artist.

Signed, dated and numbered before shipping.

Aluminum and Glass Prints are backed with aluminum framing, to create a "floating" giclée. Glass is non-tempered and low reflective.

splash water mark light 1.jpg
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