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Benjamin Lerman Signature Galleries

Spread Art not panic challenge

Welcome to the spread art not panic challenge! Over 50 professional cirque artists and acrobats from around the world submitted images of themselves for this contest. Each week I will be re-creating a submission, auctioning it off to the public and splitting the proceeds with the artist. The entertainment and arts industry was one of the hardest hit by the recent pandemic and as such, many talented and inspiring athletes are finding themselves without work due to venue closures and tour cancellations. So far every original piece below has sold during a live auction, but you can still support these artists by purchasing a print, 25% of the print sales will go to the artist featured. Click on your favorite image to see the original photo submission next to the artistic rendition! To see my other cirque artist work click here.

Holland Lohse & Sarah Knauer by Benjamin Lerman - Print
Giulia Piolanti by Benjamin Lerman - Print
Nils Valkenborgh by Benjamin Lerman - Print
Tammy Firefly by Benjamin Lerman - Print
Siera by Benjamin Lerman - Print
Scott McDonald by Benjamin Lerman - Print
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